Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Theology of the Body: the Pope's great teaching on love, life, sex and marriage that has set me free . . .

Dear Youth and Families, Queen of the Holy Rosary Parish-

Thank you all for welcoming me and my family to this wonderful parish!  Thanks God for bringing us together.  I am so excited to meet everyone and work with the youth and families of this Catholic community.  One of the many purposes for youth ministry is catechesis and evangelization.  These are two big words for coming to a better understanding of our Catholic faith and being empowered by the Holy Spirit to live this great faith.  This is a blog that I began today in order to help our youth and families with some deeper questions about love, life, sex and marriage in the Divine plan.  I hope you will enjoy and find God here! 

The title of this blog is:  “A Theology of the Body – Love and Life in the Divine Plan.”  In short, this will be a catechesis on the late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II's revolutionary teaching on human sexuality, Gods' plan for men, women, sex, marriage, love and life!  I hope and pray you will join this blog often to read about these sacred topics.  Yes, sex is sacred!!!  We will explore the Catholic Teaching on human sexuality in the context of the Theology of the Body.  Wait, Benjamin, what is the Theology of the Body?

The Theology of the Body is a series of Wednesday Papal Audiences given by Pope John Paul II from the year 1979-1984, on the topic of human sexuality, men, women and a blessed look at the human body which brings us to an understanding of God.  Today, the Theology of the Body lives on, is being studied by many people, and continues to bring thousands more to new freedom in their life with God and each other.  We can learn from it the answers to questions we find in ourselves about sex and marriage, chastity, purity of life, children, dating, engagement, prayer, attraction, desire, virginity, celibacy for the Kingdom, the evil of contraception and abortion and other related topics that our culture has not embraced.  Most especially the Theology of the Body teaches us about love... God's love for us, His People, that is expressed in the relationship of Jesus Christ and His own Bride the Church!  We'll take up difficult questions such as "How can I find a good guy?"  Or, "Where can I find the right girl for me?"  "How do you know if you should marry someone?"  "What is chastity and why should I practice that?"  "How can I be pure?"  "What is wrong with contraception?"  "What is the Church's teaching on same sex attraction?"  We'll look at Jason Evert's famous question which he asks to thousands of teens each year: "How far is too far to go on a date?"  These and many more questions of the heart as I, Benjamin Darnell, share and discuss my own beautiful marriage and the wonder of living the full teaching of the Catholic Church which comes from God's plan for love and life.  We'll learn what some of the saints have said about human sexuality; study the Pope and use the help of commentators Christopher West and Jason and Crystalina Evert as our friendly guides throughout this marvelous revelation.

Last, I invite you to comment on the blog, ask questions about this or other topics that we Catholics embrace.  With the help of God and some study I'll do my best to break open the scriptures and the human heart so we can learn together and be transformed by the Holy Spirit to come to freedom and truth in this culture of death.  So please tune in frequently for the first formal installment and my own personal story of how the Theology of the Body transformed my life and continues to bring me to freedom and truth which I will entitle: "From Dating to Seminary, to Discernment and Marriage, God's Plan for Me".... or something like that...

New in the Office of Youth Ministry
Queen of the Holy Rosary, Wea

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